An award-winning thought leadership hub, with an international presence and vital work in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Savvitas was founded in 2007 by Helene Martin Gee and launched at the House of Lords.  

We’re seeing a revolution in the world of work. Savvitas is building on its extensive achievements to support and encourage this new age of innovation with ground breaking networking, global leadership and enterprise programmes.  Savvitas operates as socially conscious business with sustainability top of mind with each of our events and activities 

Our inspiring Ambassadors and Global Ambassadors remain at the heart of all we do, and our unique Special Envoys support the Savvitas Senate to drive UK and international work. The original philosophy of Recognition; Development; Ethics and Inclusion is firmly at the centre of Savvitas.

Ambassador Friends of Savvitas

Savvitas is run on a non-profit basis with all activities created and delivered by volunteers. While Savvitas digital membership is complementary for all, those invited to become an Ambassador, Senator or Special Envoy, support and sustain Savvitas activities with annual fellowship fees. This support covers the administration of Savvitas programmes, live and online events, and the international internship programme.

Savvitas is especially honoured to thank the following Ambassadors for their longstanding support, both for their generous financial contributions and for the time they give to ensure the impact and effectiveness of the innovative Savvitas programmes.

   Dr                            Ama

Sarah                          Anderson  CBE

Suezanne          Awotwi

Cali                       Bird

Debbie                Black

Ishreen               Bradley

Fiona                   Capstick

Noreen               Cesareo 

Kevin                   Copp

Lynne                  Copp

Lora                      Defililo

Sharon                Farley-Mason

Rev Lotwina      Farodoye

Lyndon                      Gee

Vanda                 Green

Susan                  Greenwood

Yvonne               Greeves

Theresa              Gyoffy

Alisa                     Gus

Rebecca             Hill

Judy                     Hobson

  Aisha                     Izzet

Brenda                       King MBE

Laura                   Koonjean

Sue                               Lawton MBE

Helene                Martin Gee

Nolly                    Maseko

Sarah                   Matthew

Sandy                          Meadows

Valerie                McKie

Mairead                    Mackle MBE

Marie                  Melnyk

Sarah                   Meredith

Loraine               Midda MBE

Kaye                            Nightingale

Holly-Jade         O'Leary

Jill                          Pay

Antonella           Ragona

Vena                    Ramphal

Jacqui                  Ritchie

Sundus               Trewfik

Ling                              Tyler-Bennett

Lynn                     Turner

Jacqueline           Winstanley