Established from 13 great years of the Pink Shoe business women’s network. With an increased international presence and vital work in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, it’s time for Pink Shoe to evolve - SAVVITAS has arrived.

With the burgeoning new normal, we’re seeing a revolution in the world of work. Savvitas is continuing the great achievements of Pink Shoe to support and encourage this new age of leadership and enterprise.

Newly awarded Special Envoys support the Savvitas Senate to drive UK and international work; and our inspiring Ambassadors remain at the heart of all we do. The Pink Shoe philosophy of Recognition; Development; Ethics and Inclusion is firmly at the centre of the new brand.

These exciting changes are already taking place. Award-winning networking continues under the Pink Shoe banner while global leadership and enterprise programmes are now part of Savvitas. All events and activities are run on a not-for-profit basis and Savvitas operates as socially conscious businesses.

Pink Shoe

Continues to create the uniquely engaging, interactive online networking events for which we’ve become known.

  • #OnAir

  • #FizzTime

And once we’re live again will host the fabulous

  • Seasonal Soirées

  • Aperitivo

  • Westminster Ambassador Luncheons

  • Ambassador Dinners and Afternoon Teas

Savvitas programmes include

  • World Business Women’s Day & Bi-monthly WBW Caucus

  • MP HERoes

  • BoardAble Leadership Programme

  • BoardAble Boardroom Boost Seminars

  • Annual FQ International Forum and quarterly Enterprise Forum

  • GEW Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

  • Parliament Week Activities

  • The Speaker Hub

  • The UK Economic Blueprint for Women

  • The EB White Paper 'Advancing Opportunity for Female Entrepreneurship'

  • IWD Annual Afternoon Tea

  • Tuesday Tea & Talk