Founded in 2007 by Helene Martin Gee and launched at the House of Lords. The award-winning Pink Shoe business women’s network, with an increased international presence and vital work in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, has evolved. Savvitas has arrived.

We’re seeing a revolution in the world of work. Savvitas is building on its extensive achievements to support and encourage this new age of innovation.

Exciting changes are taking place with our ground breaking networking, global leadership and enterprise programmes. Savvitas operates as socially conscious business with sustainability top of mind with each of our events and activities, which are run on a not-for-profit basis.

Our unique Special Envoys support the Savvitas Senate to drive UK and international work, and our inspiring Ambassadors and Global Ambassadors remain at the heart of all we do. The original philosophy of Recognition; Development; Ethics and Inclusion is firmly at the centre of the new brand.

Savvitas continues to create uniquely engaging, interactive online, blended and live events

  • World Business Women Online Global Summits

  • BoardAbility Seminars

  • #OnAir

  • #FizzTime

  • Aperitivo

  • Westminster Ambassador Luncheons

Dinners & Afternoon Teas

  • Seasonal Pink Shoe Soirées

Savvitas programmes include

  • World Business Women’s Day & Bi-monthly WBW Caucus

  • MP HERoes

  • International Internship Programme

  • BoardAble Leadership Programme

  • BoardAbility Boardroom Boost

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week Events

  • Parliament Week Activities

  • International Policy Think Tank and Thought Leadership