Savvitas Barometer

The first global measurement of women’s business confidence

Savvitas is driving change for women’s economic growth and empowerment and measuring business confidence of women globally, with real-time data from women across the world

A Global Snapshot

At Savvitas, our purpose is to help boost women’s economic power and to positively impact the lifelong development of women. When women can fully realise their economic potential through improved access to equal opportunity at work and beyond, we know, thanks to the UK’s Rose Review and extensive international research, that the potential for economic growth for the UK and globally is huge

Working to realise this potential, Savvitas is leveraging its network of world business women to reveal real-time data from women across the world

We're making progress, yet there is still some way to go before women have economic, political, and social parity. The more we support women in their economic endeavours, the greater potential for women’s contribution to general economic growth. However, there is no single international measure on how women themselves are experiencing their own progress and empowerment.

Savvitas aims to change that with the first global women’s business confidence Barometer

What will the Savvitas Barometer measure?

Based on regular online surveys of leading businesswomen throughout the world, from the Savvitas network, its WBW programmes, partnering organisations, and beyond. The Barometer measures business confidence of women in every continent, on issues such as gender equality and the economic and social opportunity available. Enabling women to more fully participate in economic, social, and political life. Tracking progress, insights, attitudes, and actions toward:

  • Provision of economic/equal opportunity for women across the globe

  • Closing the gender pay gap within the next decade

  • Access to funding for women businesses in all parts of the world

  • Achieving 50% representation for women in senior management roles in public and private sectors as well as women in politics

  • The growth of women’s wealth

Informing and influencing Government and Business

From its launch in spring 2023, the Barometer will regularly measure women’s business confidence levels, and Savvitas will use outcomes to further drive advancement of women’s empowerment.

Savvitas will share its findings with business, government, and other stakeholders, to explore best methods of working together to enable women to enjoy better economic opportunity and support.

Over time, the Savvitas Barometer findings will impact recommendations made through its participation in global bodies such as the UN, G7, W20, using its influence to encourage implementation by business and government.

Savvitas Ambassadors, Global Ambassadors, Special Envoys, and Participants in World Business Women events can contribute to the Barometer to share their knowledge and experiences to support other women in every part of the globe

Proof of concept is underway - to have a personal impact on women's economic and social empowerment we encourage you to take the survey

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